All'Aperitage, l'aperitivo vintage di Milano, scoppia la passione per il cinema

Unleash your love of vintage the Aperitage, Enterprise Hotel's vintage aperitif. Dedicated to all those who like reviving aperitifs in a more leisurely manner, sipping drinks from days gone by in the Bar Cupola, where they can meet up with other vintage enthusiasts.

After its début last year, APERITAGE will be back in the autumn with a new formula and new ideas.

Aperitage, with free admission and the first drink charged at 9 Euro, has become a place where all those who love rediscovering the taste of the past, even in the gestures and customs of going for an aperitif, can meet to exchange experiences and knowledge. Aperitage is a return to the past, a revival of the famed aperitif scene that led to the coining of the "Milano da bere" (Milan aperitif scene) advertising slogan. We recommend a vintage style dress code and a more leisurely attitude in conquering a place of your own, leaving the frenzy of the city that is always on the move "outside". A monthly date that will be repeated, also thanks to collaboration with the most famous brands of drinks from the past.

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