Cruise holiday from genova hotel

An unforgettable cruise for you ... leaving from Genoa Finally the dream of your lifetime has come true: setting sail on an incredible cruise ship towards the horizon of deep blue and crystal clear sea! Genoa and its port boast a long tradition full of voyages and discovery; travellers, merchants, pilgrims and lords of war have set sail from here.

For many years, centuries ago, the “Superb”, as Genoa was then known, dominated the seas and the allure of history is still in the air. It is an allure that is impossible to resist and setting sail from the port of Genoa still means becoming part in its epic history. Even today the port of Genoa succeeds in conveying a multitude of emotions and indeed there are numerous cruise ships setting sail from here to offer splendid holidays in which the sea plays a major role.

The most famous cruise ships, owned for example by MSC Cruises or Royal Caribbean, will take you to the most beautiful and fascinating Mediterranean ports: Marseilles, St. Tropez, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca but also Tunis, Casablanca... Stop dreaming and book your holiday!

Grand Hotel Savoia, the luxury 5-star hotel in Genoa, will make your cruise even more exciting Are you arriving in Genoa to board a cruise ship? Grand Hotel Savoia offers you the opportunity of staying a the hotel at a special price! Are you anxiously waiting for a voyage that is about to begin or are you already missing a trip that has just ended: share your feelings with us. Grand Hotel Savoia caters for your needs by creating a special offer to make your holiday unique.

If you spend the night before sailing or after you return you can take advantage of exclusive rates.
Grand Hotel Savoia is located in the heart of Genoa, just a 7-minute walk from the Harbour Terminal, 15 minutes by car from the “Cristoforo Colombo” airport and you will find the railway station in front of the hotel; convenience within reach, ideal for your holiday! Don't wait any longer, take this trip and thoroughly enjoy your holiday!