Eco Hotel Milano Expo 2015

An eco-hotel in the heart of Milan: preparing for Expo 2015 Milan is a large city with a prestigious industrial past, all set to grasp in the future the big chance provided by Expo 2015; the event will in fact not only give it greater lustre, but also the opportunity to become one of the European capitals most sensitive to the theme of ecological sustainability, in the broadest sense of the concept.

Enterprise Hotel, green hotel in milan
,  is in fact closely focused on green themes: the upshot of demanding and surprising industrial rehabilitation.

On the current hotel site, in the early decades of last century, stood the famous Settima Enigmistica printing works and, before that, the headquarters of a well-known radio manufacturer. In 2009, the Enterprise design Hotel & congress centre of Milan became an eco hotel and the first Italian affiliate of EcoWorldHotel which groups together environment-friendly hotels worldwide. In so doing, the hotel undertook a difficult, but important path towards safeguarding the environment.

This major decision triggered a long series of parallel activities and projects involving all the various hotel sectors and which are conducting the Enterprise Hotel towards complete ecological sustainability. The difficulties in consistently developing this strategy are mainly related to structural barriers that are hard to modify in a hotel built eleven years ago, but the strong commitment being dedicated to their removal is starting to produce some excellent results.

For the sake of consistency, we think it only right to say that each “green” project currently under way is aimed at optimizing systems, methods and internal procedures in order to transform them and bring them closer to ecological sustainability. Being an ecological hotel however does not mean cancelling everything the Enterprise Hotel has represented until now, but rather working hard so that all its endeavours are directed towards the creation of a culture of ecology, first and foremost for the hotel staff and, as a consequence, for our guests.

The effort of educating towards ecological sustainability above all involves promoting and teaching all those behaviours able to favour environment protection; only after adequate internal preparation can this culture be passed on to hotel guests. Another no less complicated commitment is to eco-readapt the hotel’s structural components such as, for example: update lighting to the latest LED or low-consumption technologies implement pre-sorted waste collection, not only as regards the restaurant, but in the other sectors and offices as well periodically inspect the air filtering systems implement the monitoring of water consumption In doing all the above, Enterprise Hotel is followed and monitored by EcoWorldHotel, whose membership requirements are extremely stringent and inflexible.

The Enterprise Hotel is currently intent on making itself ready for Expo 2015. Green projects are in progress and will, to an increasing extent, involve our restaurant: the Sophia’s Restaurant will in fact be above all promoting an environment-friendly culinary culture with preference given to the use of regional produce and the promotion of local cuisine.