about us

Be As You Are!

To always be yourself, to protect your identity, to promote diversity, to feel free to express yourself.
This is the invitation that Planetaria Hotels aims to everyone who works in and to its guests.

Planetaria Hotels is a totally Italian hotel chain, established in the mid-1990s, which started out far from the neutral style and standardised layouts then in favour, taking the risk of creating a new product on the hotel industry scene.

The Planetaria Hotels collection is made up of structures that reflect an idea of bespoke hospitality, providing innovative services and at the same time highly refined in the details, able to change each place into unique settings in the heart of the finest Italian art cities or in charming locations outside towns. The hotels, all with four or five star establishments, in the majority of cases are located in important historical buildings, restored with the greatest attention to the identity and specific architectural features of the property, so that each has a different atmosphere that is representative of the urban context in it is located.

What also distinguishes all Planetaria Hotels is the experience which literally embraces guests during their stay: in addition to the quality and beauty of particularly luxurious hotel premises, this experience is made up of a careful blend of sensations, involving the senses of taste, smell, touch and sound, in short stimulating all the senses and succeeding in conveying a strong feeling of welcome and hospitality.

A feeling that is well expressed and represented by the Group's pay-off, "Be As You Are", which tells about our special hospitality style that looks beyond diversity and focuses on different emotional and character nuances that every employee and guest possesses.

On the strength of this characterisation and of the constant quest for new ideas to amaze and intrigue guests, Planetaria Hotels has been increasingly successful, so much so that there are now 9 hotels in Italy.

The hotels owned by Planetaria Hotels are: Enterprise Hotel, Château Monfort, Milan Suite Hotel and Residenza delle Città in Milan, Best Western Villa Appiani in Trezzo sull’Adda, Grand Hotel Savoia and Hotel Continental in Genoa, Hotel Ville sull’Arno in Florence, Hotel Pulitzer in Rome.