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Planetaria Stay Safe

Planetaria Stay Safe is the insurance coverage, made in collaboration with Europ Assistance, available to customers who decide to stay in the hotels of our hotel chain

All customers who make a reservation, from 15 June and for stays until 31 December 2021, by telephone, e-mail or through the Planetaria Hotels website and its hotels websites, will have included, at no additional cost, insurance coverage for all components of the booked room, and for the entire stay.

The program offers health care, medical bills coverage, baggage guarantee. To ensure the necessary peace of mind during this period, all the guarantees are covid free, i.e. they include the causes directed by Covid-19. The policy also provides assistance to the car and family members left at home.

The customer can choose to integrate the coverage with the cancellation guarantee, which protects the booking of the stay for all documentable reasons, including Covid-19; in this way Planetaria Stay Safe also offers complete protection and guarantees the tranquility of traveling safely, with the possibility of being able to cancel your holiday at any time.

Here all the insurance conditions